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Black Old-School Wristband

Black Old-School Wristband

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Discover our black CrossFit wristbands with an old-school design, ideal for those looking to combine functionality with a classic and timeless style. These wristbands not only stand out for their sobriety and elegance, but they are also designed to offer exceptional support during your most intense workouts. Made to efficiently absorb sweat, they keep your wrists dry and protected while you tackle pull-ups, various CrossFit WODs and any other demanding exercise.

Its customizable fit and ergonomic design guarantee the necessary support to perform your activities with maximum efficiency, allowing you to focus on improving your performance without distractions or risk of injury. Opt for the old-school design in black for a refined and powerful look in the gym, combining protection, comfort, and a unique style that reflects your commitment and passion for fitness.


Our wristbands are made of 78% Nylon, 12% Elastane and 10% elastic Latex.




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  • Wash with cold water.
  • Do not iron.


Our CrossFit wrist wraps are designed to be the perfect addition to your training equipment, regardless of the color or design you choose. Each pair is designed to offer exceptional support, protection and comfort, allowing you to focus on improving your performance without distractions. Made from high-quality, sweat-wicking materials, these wrist wraps keep your wrists dry and safe during the most intense exercises, including pull-ups and various CrossFit WODs.

With a customizable fit and ergonomic design, our wrist wraps adapt perfectly to any wrist size, providing the support necessary to carry out your routines with maximum efficiency. Whether you prefer the bold style of bold prints or the understatement of classic designs, each wristband reflects a commitment to quality and design for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Opt for our CrossFit wrist wraps and experience the ideal combination of protection, comfort and style. Made to last and designed to stand out, they are the ultimate ally on your path to optimal performance and personal improvement in the gym.

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